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Wholesale requirements

Effective with the publication of this message the minimum order that will qualify for the wholesale discount is twelve (12) pipes. The minimum order per pipe style will be six (6) pipes.

For example, an order of six #1 white and six #1 black pipes which equals twelve pipes would qualify for the discount. Whereas an order of 2 each of the #1 white, the #1 black, the #2 white, the #2 black, the # 3 white and the #3 black, while totaling twelve pipes would not meet the threshold of 6 pipes per pipe style. Three #1 white and three #1 black are only three each of the two distinct styles.

If you would like to order a few sample pipes, please visit and place an order there. The wholesale discount will not apply for orders placed at, but should you choose to make a future purchase at the minimum wholesale threshold, you will be able to place the order here at Old German Clay Pipes US.

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